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Why BonBonSew?

Fashioning a Legacy

About BonBonSew 

BonBonSew is more than a fashion label; BonBonSew is a way of life. Derived from the Cantonese phrase to "help help out," BonBonSew encourages environmental and social empowerment. Whether it is through utilizing eco-friendly resources, supporting local businesses, participating in fair trade, or reinvesting in partners like HomeSweetHome, founder and designer, Josephine Lui, strives to demonstrate how fashion can be used for positive impact in the lives of people and our surroundings. BonBonSew encourages a lifestyle of proactive awareness and contribution, provoking us to examine the decisions we make and the impacts of the actions we take.  The potential of our influence is only as significant or trivial as we choose. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” Are you ready to join BonBonSew in Fashioning a Legacy?





BonBonSew products are created with Eco-Friendly resources

This includes organic (cotton), sustainable (soy & bamboo), recycled (PET), and salvaged (remnant & repurposed) materials.

BonBonSew products are produced with Socially Responsible practices

BonBonSew supports local businesses and encourages fair trade.  All products are produced either in the USA or by organizations supporting disadvantaged communities. 


When you purchase a BonBonSew product, you are directly contributing to HomeSweetHome's efforts to provide the homeless and disabled community in Shanghai, China with opportunities to achieve a livelihood and a place to call home.

To learn more about Home Sweet Home's mission, programs, and volunteering opportunities, please visit their website at www.homesweethome.org.cn.



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