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A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home


Dearest Friend,

“BonBonSew,” derived from the Cantonese phrase to “help help out,” has been my dream and calling since childhood.  For my 8th grade graduation present, I pleaded my parents for a sewing machine.  While applying to the business school at my university my sophomore year, I wrote about my aspirations in fashion and social entrepreneurship.  I had just completed a course in business ethics, and I couldn’t shake the images of the glamorous fashion show I attended in Milan, Italy, juxtaposed against the harsh reality of the labor conditions of a factory I visited in China.  It has since then been my mission to demonstrate how fashion can be used for positive impact in the lives of people and our surroundings.

I received conviction in Shanghai, China, during my first visit volunteering at HomeSweetHome.  I arrived with the intention of serving the disabled and formerly homeless trainees who lived and worked there, and was absolutely amazed at how much they inspired me instead.  I left with the promise of returning, and since then, have begun the tradition of visiting ever half year to collaborate with my friends at HomeSweetHome on designing and producing new products.  If I can contribute to sheltering one more person, help create one more job, influence on more smile, or encourage on more dream, then my efforts through BonBonSew is all worth it. 

I derive so much hope, inspiration, and motivation from my friends at HomeSweetHome, for it was they who reminded me that “everything is possible for one who believes.”  Every morning, my friends at HomeSweetHome make the courageous decision to prove that no amount of disability or homeless past can interfere with their determination, cheer, and gratitude, as they work towards building their own livelihood.  It is this passionate, real, and fundamental perspective towards life that BonBonSew strives to capture.  Everything from our designs to our implementation embraces this attitude of proactivity, empowerment, and contribution.  BonBonSew is more than a fashion label; BonBonSew is a way of life.  More specifically, BonBonSew is an attitude towards life.  Are you ready to join BonBonSew in Fashioning a Legacy?

Thanks for reading.  To learn more about HomeSweetHome's mission, programs, and volunteering opportunities, please visit their website at www.homesweethome.org.cn.

With much Love,
Josephine ♥



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